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Expanded Polypropylene Protective Packaging

EPP; expanded polypropylene is another excellent packaging option, with its availability in either fabricated or molded forms. This EPP material is available in a variety of densities. EPP is a beaded product that provides excellent cushioning properties at lower densities and at lower costs when compared to other packaging materials. PDM can design and manufacture custom EPP protective packaging as a cost effective means to your specific packaging needs.

Over the past twenty years PDM has developed many packaging solutions in expanded polypropylene protective packaging. We can definitely provide your company with a unique and custom design that will meet your protective packaging needs. Our custom designs will protect products of practically any shape, weight, or size. Expanded polypropylene can be used for almost any product where you need a custom packaging solution to fit your needs and the needs of your customer.

With exceptional customer service we are able to keep lead-time at a minimum. Our lead-time is only 3-7 days for fabricated orders.. Fabricated orders do not require tooling keeping costs at a minimum. Molded EPP, for very high volume jobs, does require tooling which take about 5 - 8 weeks. All following orders will take 5 - 10 days.

Please Use the "Request a Quote" selection button to contact us. You can attach documentation that supports your product/s needs for shipping and or storage. We'll work hand in hand with you to develop the most economical solution possible.


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EPP Custom Pack
EPP Custom Pack

EPP Custom Pack

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EPP Coin Tray
EPP Coin Tray

EPP Coin Tray
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Fabricated EPP
Protective Packaging
  • EPP, Expanded Polypropylene, is another protective packaging option that PDM can provide in applications where cushioning and protection of your product are critical to your packaging needs. EPP has excellent cushioning properties at lower densities and at lower costs when compared to other materials like polyethylene foam.
  • With a multitude of densities, PDM can design and manufacture custom EPP protective packaging for your product that will meet and exceed the most rigorous shipping environments for the most sensitive products.
  • EPP can be fabricated into various shapes and sizes, including profile shapes or three-dimensional assemblies to provide maximum protective packaging for your product. PDM will design and deliver an EPP solution to meet your products sensitive needs in a cost effective manner.
Molded EPP
Protective Packaging
  • In higher volume applications, molded EPP will provide excellent protective packaging for your product where cushioning and protection are important to you and your end customer.
  • Molded EPP is an effective protective packaging alternative where there is adequate lead-time for tooling build and where volumes justify tooling expense.
Packaging Materials
MULTIPLE DENSITIES: 0.9, 1.3, 1.9, 2.8
LEAD TIME: 3-5 DAYS for Fabricated Products
LEAD TIME: 5-8 WEEKS for Molded Tooling
LEAD TIME: 5-10 DAYS for Molded Products
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